Tokyo Adventures: Part 4

Tokyo2016-149The Robot Restaurant will no doubt be the most surreal and bizarre show you will ever watch, and despite having no idea what’s happening, you will love every minute of it.As my travels to Tokyo were mainly based around food and coffee, this post is not so extensive but still features a mixture of places I loved which you must check out if you’re in Tokyo.

Robot Restaurant 
1-7-1 Kabukicho | B2F, Shinjuku 160-0021 – Shinjuku Station


As you enter the waiting room you’ll be taken aback by its mix of cyber-punk  and glamour interior. You can order simple fast food before the show (personally I would recommend eating before you go to see the show) and drinks. Once everything is ready you head down a never ending mirriored stairway, it’s like something from Alice and Wonderland.


Once you’ve found your seat you can grab some popcorn for the show and watch them set-up….. I feel like saying too much about this show could spoil it, so just book yourself a ticket, sit back and watch some pure Tokyo madness!


Nakano Broadway
Nakano Station


If you’re looking for anime figurines and retro games then this is (one of many) places you need to pay a visit to. We went up to the 3rd floor (I think) where we found some old skool gaming machines where if like me, you can have fun bashing around on all the buttons at once in the hope you’ll win the fight.

Oh and just before you enter Nakano Broadway (entrance in picture above), there’s this little Taiyaki style place just to your right… in fact you wont miss it because the smell of the waffle batter cooking is divine.


Akihabara Station – Electric Town Exit

Tokyo2016-15One of my favourite places as a whole to visits was Akihabara Electric Town. It’s full of old skool gaming gear, second hand games, anime figurines, gadget shops and all kinds of food stalls. One place which I regrettably didn’t try was this place, it smelt amazing and they had loads of these meat skewer places everywhere.




I loved how the Japanese have plastic food samples in their windows to advertise their menu. Apparently they started around the 1920’s in the Showa Period to help patrons order their food as menus were not so common at that time in Japan. I wasn’t aware just how much craftsmanship goes into making these as around 95% of them are still hand made using vinyl chloride, they look incredibly real!


Imagine being able to walk into your standard corner shop in London and by freshly made ‘to-go’ food. Pretty much every corner shop I went into had a decent selection or either sushi, fresh meat dishes and sandwiches which were edible and tasty for on-the-go. Not to mention their prepacked cakes which again were delicate and moist, and this is the cake fanatic talking here!


[This Tokyo post is more of a miscellaneous note of places I enjoyed for various reasons, but check out my other Tokyo posts for foodie, cake and coffee spots]

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