Last Minute Trip: Copenhagen 3

DSC_0053So here’s my last post on Copenhagen – I am finishing it off with the awesome hostel I stayed at. I mainly picked Woodah Hostel because it does free yoga and veggie breakfast. If you’re looking for a relaxed, fairly cheap, cosy, bohemian place to stay then this is it.

DSC_0057I went to Copenhagen thinking I’d be doing a solo foodie/coffee trip, but I ended up spending more time with some great people that I met at the hostel. So if you are riding solo then hostels are the way. Warm homemade bread, granola and jam is served in this room for breakfast. It is a simple, small but fueling breakfast. Woodah seems to attract like minded people, most were travelling on their own, some were couples. Having done my thorough food research, some of the hostel people and I went to Mother  where we had some great Italian pizza sitting outside under our blankets (most outdoor seating in Copenhagen has blankets).

DSC_0075Every morning at 8am you can do free yoga (or by donation) in this room. The yoga classes are built for all levels so even if you have never done yoga before you will be welcomed in to join.

DSC_0086When I first saw the beds online I thought it might feel very claustrophobic in these small beds but I can honestly say they were the cosiest beds I had slept in whilst travelling. You get given simple bedding, a small bed lamp and a curtain to drape over at night. The ceilings of the beds were pretty high which I think contributed to them feeling spacious. Everyone that I had spoken to in the hostel were surprised by how much they loved the shoe box beds. I have to admit I grew quite an attachment to this place, it’s something very special.

DSC_0048Right opposite from Woodah Hostel is Mikkeller. Everyone raved about Mikkeller for great craft beer. I’m not much of a beer drinker myself but every evening this place was packed, so I figured I better give it a go. Mikkel Borg Bjergsø wanted to create the best beer bar in the world, with many different breweries on tap. He wanted to create a different type of space to drink beer in, so he got Femmes Regionales to design the interior, making it a more sophisticated place to drink top quality micro brewed beer.

DSC_0113My beer knowledge is seriously poor so I managed to try a few different samples before I was given a small glass of my choice to enjoy. I had a small glass of Polaris which had a hint of pineapple throughout it, and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Here you can see all 20 taps of craft beer to choose from. If you’re struggling for choice then the people behind the bar will happily help you and let you try sample after sample until you find something you like.



DSC_0141You can mostly walk around everywhere in Copenhagen, but if you want to join the bikers then it’s a great experience also. The one place I didn’t mention or take pictures of is Christiania, also known as Freetown. Christiania’s objective (according to Wikipedia):

“is to build a self-governing society where every individual is free to express themselves under the authority of the community.”

I found this place fascinating. It is essentially a society within a society as they pay rent to the community and water and electricity to the Danish state. The neighborhood consists of about 1000 residents that are regulated by their own Christiana Law. They survive off their restaurants and making their own bikes, stoves and other items. There is a lot of controversy over Christania (especially Pusher Street) since it was created in a squatted military area in 1971. If you’re in Copenhagen then this is a must place to visit.

There were many places I didn’t get to visit that were highly recommended like Höst, Bio Mio, Bertel, Nose2Tail and the list goes on – this means another Copenhagen trip is on the list!


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  1. Maureen Hallsworth says:

    Oh by the way, i loved those capsule beds. 🙂

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