Last Minute Trip: Copenhagen 2

DSC_0022I rarely find a cake shop that amazes me, I’m often let down by overly sweet, dry and cakes lacking flavour… but this places was impressive! Strangas Dessert Boutique  looked very modest from outside but as I entered I was greeted by a gorgeous array of beautifully crafted cakes.DSC_0024I decided to go for the Pure Nordic cake which was a very dark chocolate mousse filled with a mango, sitting on a bed of sponge. I finally got to eat a cake that really was dark chocolate – it was pure tasty cake art.

DSC_0039I unfortunately didn’t have time to revisit before I went back to London, otherwise I would have tried the White Dream cake.



DSC_0028Whilst researching places to eat and drink in Copenhagen, I came across Cafe Det Vide Hus Facebook page which had photos of these small homemade ice cream lollies that looked beautiful. They are made in the cafe and served on wooden boards. They were unusual but well combined flavours. I had a coconut, chocolate and raspberry jam filled lolly, dusted with dried berry, it was delish.

DSC_0280After constantly walking around I stopped off at Kalaset which does traditional open sandwiches (Smørrebrød) and great brunch. I was coming towards the end of my trip at this point so the budget was thinning. I kept it simple with an egg and bacon dish on rye bread but I fully recommend their open sandwiches or tapas style brunches.

DSC_0466The decor is full of mismatch furniture, old record players, vintage radios and pretty much any vintage gadget you can think of.



I was dying to finally go to Coffee Collective which ended up becoming my morning stop off before exploring around the city. I went to their new branch which is in the Torvehallerne indoor food market that I mentioned in my previous post.

DSC_0167If you don’t know much about your coffee then you can have a good chat to the baristas who are extremely knowledgeable in helping you pick your coffee or beans for home.

DSC_0168I loved the decor and designing of Coffee Collective, it simple, bright and has a great colored map sitting on the back wall. I bought some Kenyan beans for the Aeropress back at home and sat with a macchiato in the sun.

DSC_0176After Coffee Collective I started my mini coffee tour of Copenhagen, which really was mini as I didn’t have much time there. The next stop was Kent Kaffe Laboratoium where they roasted all their beans in house in a tiny roaster.

DSC_0241The decor is bright with loads of seating. Its definitely a place you could sit in to do some work. In general the coffee was good: a dark, simple roast.


DSC_0261I then moved on to Cafe Dyrehaven which caught my attention mainly because of the decor. Their coffee was simple but good – however their food was great, consisting of open sandwiches and a brunch style menu.






Another great place for coffee is Risteriet. I stopped off here for a quick coffee and to buy some beans to take back to London. The cafe is full of coffee equipment, bags upon bags of beans stacked up and some coffee gadgets. Risteriet don’t do many light roasts, it’s usually pretty dark but still with great depth of flavour.


And then just down the road from Risteriet is Ricco’s Kaffebar which was really cosy. They had a beautiful classic La Marzocco machine serving good coffee, lots of sweet treats and comfortable seating.



[Look for part 3 of Copenhagen]

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  1. Maureen Hallsworth says:

    What industrialised structured great cakes. Mouth watering now. Wish could make one.

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