Coffee and Wifi: Ginger & White


Ginger & White has three branches in Belsize Park, Hampstead and Soho. Ginger & White in Soho is one of those cafes that feels like you’re one of the few that knows about it, due to the fact it is hidden down a tiny street  just off Beak Street. It is one of the few cafes that I feel holds the real atmospheric vibe of a café. It is small, quaint, cosy and very friendly, unlike the large clinical cafes that feel more like restaurants. So if you are looking for a cosy café to work in then this is where you need to be.


Ginger and White serve great coffee with their Square Mile house blend, and their two guest blends which are Carvetii and Caravan. They also do a ¾ Flat White which provides the best non milky Flat White, giving perfect milk to coffee ratio.

 “If you’re after a milky pint of froth with a silly name like ‘grande’ you’re probably in the wrong place”

The cakes are all freshly baked and there’s usually a gluten-free option as well. Although served at London prices, they are truly worth it. One of the treats there are their cheese and marmite toasties, you never see these any more. Not to mention their home made preserves that you can have with pastries or Borough brown sourdough.


Ginger and White have two long tables that sit right in front of the café facing the main windows with plug points underneath.  So if you’re a people watcher, this is the place to be. There are another four tables that sit in the back of the café also with plug sockets. There is often music playing, but it is mostly at a volume that creates a workable environment.

UPDATE: Sadly I noticed the other day that the Ginger & White in Soho has closed. But make sure to visit their other two branches (Hampstead & Belsize Park)

4a-5a Perrin’s Ct,


2 Englands Lane
Belsize Park

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