The Kiosk Cafe

I couldn’t count the amount of times I wished there was a place to get good coffee whilst walking to Bethnal Green tube station, neither could I understand why no one had set up a small van or cafe next to the station. One day last week I found this lovely gem in Bethnal Green Gardens, The Kiosk Cafe. The cafe was originally a park shelter but had mainly been abandoned and not used, now refurbished, it’s a very endearing little cafe.


If you’re around Bethnal Green tube station on the weekend then take a walk through the gardens and you will come across this lovely new addition in the park. I became very excited when I saw a sign saying ‘Monmouth Coffee’, being a coffee lover I am always excited when I see somewhere new setting up, so I followed the arrow.


Six local residents who had great dedication to food and the community, wanted to ensure this great space in the park is used. They worked with the council and were able to regenerate this great space to serve great food and coffee. This has brought back the kiosk that every park wants and needs, selling ice-cream, coffee and cake. The Kiosk has a great urban antique décor with a surprising amount of space inside.


They have a simple but effective set-up with four pour-overs that take their turns to please each customer, using Monmouth organic single origin coffee. Being more of an espresso drinker myself, I was surprised to see they served only pour-over coffee, but I definitely was not let down by this visit!


The pour-over was very elegant with some floral flavours, and earthy chocolate notes. I was surprised to taste this out of Monmouth Coffee which I always find pleasantly strong.


They even do home made ice-cream! It is made by a local company called Skimbles in Tower Hamlets. I adore the unique flavours that they had, we all love our generic flavours but it’s great to see something new being produced.


Their cakes are also home made, produced by Eat A Horse serving Montezuma chocolate brownies, Sicilian lemon cake, coconut macaroons and banana bread.


With their great ‘The Kiosk’ logo outside which is hard to miss if you’re in the park and alongside a lovely set-up of cushions, chairs, stools and blocks of wood as tables, it is the little details that make the outside look so adorable.



I was very fond of the bottles used as jars to hold delicate flowers in the sun.


The Kiosk will be around till the end of August, but let’s hope the weather stays good and that Kiosk becomes a permanent cafe in Bethnal Green Gardens. Go and pay a visit, you won’t regret it. I left with a great pour-over and a feeling of warmth. I’ll be back for more!


Friday : 8am – 6pm

​​Saturday and Sunday : 10am – 6pm

Twitter: @thekioskcafe

The Kiosk Cafe
Bethnal Green Gardens
London, E2

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2 Responses to The Kiosk Cafe

  1. circusmum01 says:

    How lovely! Wish I’d known about this when I was stranded on the overground, would have happily left the train to chill in the park with their icecream!

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