Hot Numbers

I remember when Hot Numbers first opened up, finally a new cafe with a sole focus on good coffee. It brought a totally different dynamic to the coffee scene in Cambridge (which is pretty small). The cafe is tucked away down a small street adjoining Mill Road, a well known hub of independent businesses in the city. Unlike many of the independent cafes in London, it has a slow relaxed pace with people having interesting discussions on everything from cookery to quantum physics (this is Cambridge after all!) It is far from pretentious, and welcoming to any coffee discussions.


Simon, who owns Hot Numbers specialises in only single origin coffee, making it quite unique to others. They roast all their own beans in Cambridge, ensuring their coffee is as fresh as can be.


We started off with an espresso using the Pedra Redonda Brazilian blend, which contained fewer high notes and more dark, nutty and chocolate flavours.




After a good coffee it was time for a good panini. I always get the feta cheese, pesto, sun dried tomato and rocket ciabatta toasted panini. Unlike other cafes I can actually taste every single ingredient in my sandwich – it’s not much to ask for but as I’m sure you know this can be hard to find at a price you want to pay.


Being a baker myself, I’m reluctantly hard to please when it comes to cakes, especially cakes in cafes, which are often dry, too sweet, or both. But this chocolate brownie weakens me every time, and I mean every time. There’s a whole lot of love in this!


Along with the amazing brownie (a must try), there’s a beautiful range of other sweet treats to tickle your taste buds. Hot Numbers are a very community-oriented cafe, so they bring local businesses together. They won the community business award this year, which was presented by our local Lib Dem MP Julian Huppert. One of their collaborations are getting some of their cakes from Fitzbillies, if you don’t know Fitzbillies it’s of the oldest and most famous cake shop in Cambridge, best known for their sticky Chelsea Buns shown below.



After doing what I do best, indulging, it was time for more. One of the baristas kindly offered us to try their syphon coffee which used a El Platanillo Guatemala blend. This called for more pictures, as I love watching the bright red light reflecting through the glass.


Boil and bubble!


I slowly watched the coffee filter into the bottom. For me it was very floral and light taste, with a few fruity notes. A very elegant way to drink your coffee.


Not only do they do fantastic coffee, but amazing hot chocolate too!


A very friendly, warm and relaxed vibe at Hot Numbers. A great place to bring your work and place your tab on 😉


Hot Numbers not too long ago decided to join the gallery next door with the cafe, not only to bring a different atmosphere, but also to bring businesses together.


And lastly, every Thursday night the cafe becomes a venue for a range of local and independent singers and musicians to perform, with the music policy focusing on jazz and folk variants. Also, every fortnight on a Tuesday Hot Numbers becomes a place for local artists to share coffee, conversation and Drink and Draw, it’s a great creative event.


Sadly my time was up sipping coffee and snapping away. It was back to London I go!


Unit 6, Dales Brewery,
Gwydir Street,

Open Monday – Saturday 7.30am-6pm
Thursdays late till 10pm
Sundays 8.30am-6pm

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6 Responses to Hot Numbers

  1. I was wondering if there was good coffee in Cambridge…

    Now I know 🙂


  2. Ceri says:

    Also, every fortnight on a Tuesday, Hot Numbers becomes a hang out for a group of local artists who get together for Drink and Draw! It’s a popular and creative evening where artists gather to share coffee, conversation and draw stuff too!

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